Frequently Asked Questions


I bought the 2011-2012 edition of the app; do I need to pay to get the 2013-2017 edition?
As with the book, the new edition of the app is a payed update.
Who is this app intended for?
Practicing physicians, residents and medical students.
Do you plan on updating the information?
Yes; updates to the current version will be free until 2017.
I’ve never heard of that book before; why?
Until now, distribution has been the limiting factor.


How does the integration with MedCalX work?
When the user activates this function, he is presented with a small calculator icon in the text. By tapping it, MedCalX will be brought to the front, allowing you to get your calculation done. To go back to Lanthier, you can then double click on the “home” button and select Lanthier; you’ll then be brought back to your starting point.
How do you activate the integration with MedCalX?
In “Settings” → MedCalX Integration, select “On”. MedCalX needs to be installed on your device for this to work.
Does this work on Android?
Unfortunately, this feature is for iOS only.


How can I transfer my notes from the old 2011-2012 edition to the new 2013-2017 edition?
In “Settings” → Note Sync. Create an account and sign in using the same user name (email) and password on both the old and the new apps. Your notes will be transferred within a few minutes if you’re online.
Can I sync my notes between my iPhone and iPad?
Yes! Sign in on both devices and the magic will happen.
I can’t log in!
Make sure you’re trying to sign in using the same user name and password. If it still doesn’t work, try resetting your password. If this doesn’t work, contact us.
Does this work on Android?
Unfortunately, this feature is for iOS only.

Platform transfer

I bought the iOS version of the app and I just bought a new Android device (or vice-versa); do I need to buy the app again?
Unfortunately, there is no way of transferring platforms without paying for the app again.

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